Deep Ecological Perspective: Metaphysical Holism in the Novels of Amitav Ghosh

  • Dr.G. Sandhya Assistant professor School of languages VELS University Chennai India


In recent years we can actually say that mankind is committing ecocide making the planet a huge dustbin which is a threat to any sort of life to lead their lives. Curbing these impacts on the environment has been a big problem in recent years, in today’s modern world; humans are in their need in switching their attitude from independent to interconnectedness and mutual living. This transformation in the man’s attitude shows clearly that mankind is ready to take up the blame on him for all his malevolent ecocidal activities towards nature. His radical change in his attitude shows mankind’s positive step in seeking solution for the welfare of the “Oikos”. i.e., (from dominative to friendly) that leads mankind to share a multifarious interrelationship between human and non-human In order to bring about this metaphysical holism it is important to follow objectives of ecocriticism by diverting the human attitudes which are anthropocentric to biocentric. Literature is the mirror of life that exclude the material world, but rather includes the whole global network in which humans, ethics, and ecosystem are interconnected. This article tries to focus the harmonious existence of man and nature in the novels of Amitav Ghosh which is based on Carolyn Sigler’s proposed third model which insists on the biocentric model that totally neglects the anthropocentricism and paves way for bringing in interconnectedness between human and non-human to lead a harmonious integrated existence.   

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