From Material to the Divine : Studying Rabindranath Tagore’s Sadhana

  • Meenakshi, Research Scholar Department of English Bhagat Phool Singh Mahila Vishwavidyalaya Khanpur Kalan, Sonipat


Identification of the Modern Era is with scientific development and materialistic progression, the human consciousness finds becoming more insane so much so that there is a considerable loss of humanistic virtues. In present time, man’s prime motive and enchantment becomes love for material pursuits and possessions. This material proclivity of the mankind is the sole reason for the emergence of misery, sorrow and anguish in human life. Rabindranath Tagore’s Sadhana provides a metaphysical ground for human life and existence and illumines the life of man unveiling unreal to real. His teachings stimulate the human being towards spiritual unity and purity. The emergent concern of Tagore is the bond of spiritual unification, that is only experienced when one takes a spiritual birth i.e. brings about a change in his consciousness, attitude and outlook by breaking away the layers of body consciousness. The underlying principal that is vibrant in the whole text is inner modification set in motion by true knowledge of the self and the Supreme.

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