Marginalization and Discrimination of Subaltern : Bama’s Karukku

  • J.Jeslin Chellam M.Phil Research Scholar Sadakuthullah Appa College Palayamkottai.


The history of Dalit literature or Fourth World literature can be traced back to centuries. Dalit literature was not given any consideration at the beginning. But, Now a days, several Dalit writers’ books have been translated to English and spread all over the world. Every Dalit writer struggles to attain a kind of idendity through his/her writing. Now a days, especially in Southern India, which has diverse caste system, Dalit literature is written by various Dalit writers to reveal their trauma and sufferings they experience. We have an answer for Gayatri Spivak’s never ending question “Can the Subaltern Speak?”. The answer is “Yes. The Subaltern can speak”. Dalit writers have began to write about their own identity, their own search for liberation. They express their struggles and their Strategic Essentialism through their writings.This paper will focus on Marginalization of Dalits and how they are descriminated by caste system in an Indian Dalit writer Bama’s work Karukku.

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