Migration and Identity Crisis in Benyamin’s Goat Days


  • Surya Suresh Kumar Guest Faculty, St. Teresa's College, Ernakulam, Kerala, India




Migration, Dehumanisation, Alienation, Identity Crisis, Psychological Trauma, Isolation, Migrant Labourers.


Migration is the movement of people from one place/country to another in search of better job opportunities or educational purposes or occurs due to political and social conflicts.  This brings about a change in their social, cultural and psychological circumstances, which often makes them feel alienated in their lives. They experience a sense of disillusionment and loss of identity, which gradually leads them into psychological trauma where they start to question their identity. Benyamin’s Goat Days portrays the life of Najeeb, a poor Malayali who in the hope of earning money decides to work in the Gulf. However, his journey of hope soon transforms to despair with the cruel treatment of his sponsor. He finds himself, alienated among the herd of goats and yearns to meet his family. His desolation pushes him into a psychological trauma where he starts to identify himself with the goats. This paper focuses on the concept of migration, alienation and identity crisis faced by Najeeb, the protagonist who represents the hopes and desires of every Malayali who yearn for a sumptuous future, which they believe will be offered in the Gulf.  Moreover, the novel is set in the background of the Oil Era in the Gulf which gives every Malayali the dream of a secure future.



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