The Cathartic Narrative of Trauma in Kazuo Ishiguro’s A Pale View of Hills - A {Re} Construction of Personal Memory


  • Pratyush Padhee Sambalpur University, India



Narrative, Memory, Trauma, Catharsis, Displacement, Repression, Alienation.


This article explores the approach of narrative by trauma survivors in general and the fictional character Etsuko of Kazuo Ishiguro in particular from his novel A Pale View of Hills. It examines how narrative re-building and fictionalization of her own story Etsuko of the same novel pronounces her own healing through self deceptive language. And how the fictionalization of narrative helps her heal the past angst and trauma. This particular issue of trauma and how narrating the turmoil help release the pain shall be discussed in the light of few instances taken from Greek myth and a French film along with some clinical case study of trauma patients.


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