Quest for Female Identity in the Novels Bye Bye Black Bird, Fire on the Mountain and Cry the Peacock of Anita Desai


  • Mrs. Sumitra Research Scholar, Department of Humanities, Baba Masthnath University, Rohtak, India



Feminism, Role, Rights, exploitation, Awareness, Revolution, Quest, Female Identity, Indian environment, Human beings.


The first and foremost aim of this paper is to bring out Identity Quest in Anita Desai’s Bye-Bye Blackbird and Fire on the Mountain. In this novel the characters who try to know their self are portrayed accordingly. The Indian novel in English is thus characterized by a variety of themes and techniques. It is changing and developing with the time in Indian environment. Social, Political, Technological and Industrial changes have brought corresponding changes in its substance. However, in the field of characterization the Indian novelist in English has not been quite so successful. With some expectations, his characters continue to be stereotypes. Desai explores the intricate facts of human experience of psychic tensions of her characters. Her chief concern is human relationship. Her theme focused on the relationship of a couple - sensitive wife and ill-mannered husband. This paper attempts to show how they achieve the results they seek to gain in order to expose not only the extremity of the suffering endured by women but also the mental trauma of human beings.


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