Delicious Discourses: Revisioning the Television Advertisements of Food Products


  • Amrutha Mohan Independent Researcher MA (2014-16) Institute of English (University of Kerala) Kerala, India


advertisements, class, food, gender, glocalisation, images, visual culture, visual hunger.


Nowadays, food is more than what we ingest. It has evolved into a medium of social and cultural transactions. The print, visual and digital media are saturated with the images of food products. Such images popular in Television advertisements reaches a wide range of audience. The moving bunch of food images in Television advertisements is crafted in such a way so as to beguile the audiences and to persuade them to consume it. In this era of globalization, many ‘glocalised’ food products which were introduced in the markets also gained wide popularity with the help of these advertisements. The advertisements of food products are laden with meanings. They are permeated with social and cultural codes and are embellished by the ideology of the dominant sections, which are visibly or invisibly conveyed through the proliferated images. The images of food advertisements are signs which are soaked socially constructed messages about class and gender. The present paper strives to interrogate into this politics of images displayed in the television advertisements popular in Kerala.


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