Moral Values in Ruskin Bond’s Novel The Blue Umbrella


  • R. Aishwarya II B.A English, DR. Umayal Ramanathan college for women, Karaikudi.


Hailed as the pioneer in the field of literature and popularly known as a writer of children of
stories, Ruskin Bond has an equally huge fan following amongst the grown-ups. He is perhaps
the only author to have been read by all age groups with equal delight. He was born on May 19,
1934, in kasauli, India,he was the son of Edith Clarke and Aubrey Bond. His father served in the
Royal Air Froce. Ruskin Bond has over five hundred compilations to his credit and has been the
proud recipient of the Sahitya Academy (1993) award, Padamshree (1991) and Padma Bhusan
(2014).Ruskin Bond’s characters are more factual than fictional.
He draws liberally from his makes him create characters that are so real that the reader can
easily identify with them. This paper intends to explore the high moral values and strong will
power, the undaunted spirit and courage exhibited by these child character that make them stand
apart in the crowd despite their humble and modest upbringing. Their struggle to survive in the
hostile environs without compromising on their integrity and honesty makes them extra-ordinary.
The following short stories have the theme of more values in Ruskin Bond’s short stories


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