Evolving and Exploration of Feminist Tradition


  • N. Alagumeenal Asst. prof. cum Head, Dept of English.


Literature is a vehicle or a competent index to gauge the pervasive cultural, social,
political, economic changes in the contemporary society. The principal focus of the study
illustrates the basic role of the gender in society, literature and culture. The image of women
in literature emerges out of the existing world. It also exist in the mind and imagination of the
writer. In the ancient history of India, women have been defied and glorified. It is an accepted
fact that in Vedic age, a high projection of womanhood prevailed in the society as well as in
literature. Towards the middle of twentieth century, slowly the changes occurred in the patterns
of life and altered the reality of women’s situation. The emergence of socio-religious reform
movements further improved the lot of women. Education came to be seen as a means of
equipping women to be better wives and mothers. Various practices like Sati, child marriage,
purdah were seen as cruel and attempts were made to remove them.
In India more than in other countries, women writers employ their literary skills to
explore gender related issues and problems. Their writings are not only a pure creative writing
but also a more of mirror of social conditions. Thus in the writings of Indian women one can
easily examine their consciousness and awareness for women’s liberation movement. They
have set upon the task to rediscover and reinvent language itself to portray the reality of a
woman’s life. Released from an unforced silence, the feminine voice is recognized
immediately by its fluency. The women writers have challenged and corrected gender
stereotypes embedded in myths. They are mainly interested in the specification of human
psychology and its symbolic realization. So they seek to give a language to the subjective as
well as real experiences of life which have been left mute by the culture in the past


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