Sense of deportation and separation in possession


  • S. Chilambuselvi


The theme of exile immigration and alienation is common in the 20th century
literacy scene. Lost, lonely, drifting characters parade b-before us and their mechanical
march point to the absence of meaningful relationship in the era of, technological
development and global interaction. Kamala markandaya is one of three most outstanding
south Asian novelists and she is one of those women novelist who has helped to enrich
Indian fiction in English “search for one’s identity” is a common theme in Indian novelists.
A writes often feels culturally and specially alienated when he/she positions himself/herself
in search of an identity. S. charrex finds markandaya in such a search when he says that
her novels deal with “different predicaments of identity, each affected by the east-west
clash of codes that is past of modern India


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Author Biography

S. Chilambuselvi

Assistant professor,
Dr. Umayal Ramanathan College for women,




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