Women Characters in Shakespeare’s Society


  • M. Dhanalakshmi II B. A. English Dr. Umayal Ramanathan College for Women Karaikudi


According to studies of women in early modern society, the female body was used to
show women’s otherness, weakness and inferiority. Women were considered physically and
emotionally weaker than men, the weaker sex and the second sex. According to medical science
which was derived from the Greeks” men were physiologically different from women, and
superior” for the reason that “the elements composing the human body were combined
differently in each sex” (capp 4). Apparently, women’s moist and cold constitution made them
irrational, emotional, impulsive, and sexually rapacious. In other words medical science
“depicted women as physically, intellectually, and morally inferior” (capp 4). Men did not
understand the functions of the female body which frightened them, causing them to claim
women were unstable and so not to be trusted;”fearing the female body ,they sought to contain
and control it”(Crawford and mendelson 30).


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