Thematic Study of Sudha Murthy’s Dollar Bahu


  • M. Gowsalya II B. A. English Dr. Umayal Ramanathan College for Women Karaikudi.


It’s quite amazing that Indian women are longer confined to kitchens. Indian women set
their foot on space challenging their position in the male dominated society. Women have
achieved success in the fields of education, politics, business, software and creative writing. The
success which women in the 21st century are making is not a simple achievement, but
unfortunately there are women who are still considered as dark horses. A newly born child tries
his recognition from his kith and kin by a thunderous bawl. Every one attends him, his first seed
of identification sprouts up.
The gender discrimination slowly makes the male child to dominate by sub- ordinating
the female ones. Naturally the suppressed female develops frustration and tries to prove herself.
In this process she undergoes a series of humiliations, betrayals making her life miserable. As the
modern civilians is it not our duty to consider this issue seriously? The answer would be always
‘Yes’ and need to be addressed at the earliest possible. The foot has already been set by the
intellectual personalities to tackle the issue.


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