Panoramic view of myth and reality in Perumal Murugan’s ‘One Part Woman’


  • S. Karpagam II M. A. English Dr. Umayal Ramanathan College for Women Karaikudi.


Contemporary Indian Literature which is only one and a half centuries old is marked by
amazing variables in both the literature and the regions through which it was produced. Before
delving deeply into the exceedingly diversified genre of contemporary India literature, it is of
tremendous importance to comprehend the fraternal terms of ‘modern’, 65’modernity’and
‘modernization’ in the Indian context. These three terms in the modern context are quite
significant and highly condensed terms for historical experiences. Keeping in mind the
chronological pattern, the twentieth century is considered to be more modern than the nineteenth
century, but that does not exclude the 19th century from contemporary literature in India genre.
The criterion involved here is not qualitative, but rather simplistic. Furthermore, anything which is
fashionable today is considered modern whether it is desirable or not .However, the more
significant aspect of modernity is a value-based approach. Particular attitudes and ideas are
conceived more progressive and hence it is natural to condition them as modern as opposed to
what existed before. The chorological sensed is in a way implicit in this concept


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