Voice for the voiceless: Special attainment from Indian Women writings


  • Dr.S.Meena priya dharshini Assistant Professor in Women’s Studies Mother Teresa Women’s University


women writings, Indian women, voiceless women and feminism


Womanhood is the main focus of many literary works. Indian writers in English have also come out of their cocoons of "non-attachment" and have started acknowledging the status of the Indian woman in a male-dominated society. The concept of Indian womanhood is as conflicting as the country itself and has undergone drastic and dramatic changes from era to era. India has travelled from her glorious past to degeneration; from spiritual ascendancy to communal clashes; from captivity to independence; from agrarian revolution to cyber technology. The feminist strategy of centralizing the female other's perspective arises from the awareness that women have been, throughout history, a marginalized category, denied voice and equal human status. The basis of this marginalization has been a misconception of gender as a natural biological factor that necessitates and justifies inequality. This paper specifies the voice for the voiceless women folk in Indian writings.



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