Role of women in Shakespeare’s Othello


  • P. Monika III B.A.English, Dr.UmayalRamanathan College for Woman’ Karaikudi.


William Shakespeare's Othello can be read from a feminist way of looking. A feminist reasoning of the play Othello allows us to judge the different communal values and status of women in the Elizabethan society. Othello serves as a sample to establish the notion of the Elizabethan male head society, the advantages in male head marriages isabolishment of femininity. According to Elizabethan or Shakespeare's society built upon reawakening impression, women were meant only to marry. As their single occupation, marriage held colossal responsibilities of house management and child bearing.


Furthermore, women were wonted to be quite, pure, and submissive to their husbands,        fathers, brothers, and all men in general. Male domination rule justified women's subordination as the natural order because women were thought to be physiologically and psychologically less in rank to men .There are only three women in ‘Othello’: Desdemona, Emilia and Bianca. The way that these women behave and conduct themselves is proven to the dogma of Shakespeare’s Elizabethan society and to the male head Venetian society.
In the course of time duke gave permission for Desdemona to associate with Othello to Cyprus. Othello informs duke that Desdemona as Othello’s wife is treated as his dominion: he implies that she is welcome to be guarded and transported. The first legislator wishing Othello to use Desdemona well. The word use indicates the Venetian expectation of women - which they are to bow to the appetite of their husbands who may make use of them as they wish. In Othello Marriage is described asa woman is bought by her husband, effectively as a compliment, and is wonted to fulfil his sexual desires in return for the privilege.


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