Thematic Study of Chetan Bhagat’s Half Girlfriend”


  • J. UMA II B.A English Dr. Umayal Ramanthan College for Women Karaikudi


Novel’ has emerged as the one of most forceful and convincing of all the genres of literature in recent years. It has been widely accepted as the most appropriate form for the exploration of experiences and ideas in today‘s world. It is the youngest issue of literature for it came into the existence in the late 18th century. Novel is the pure production of England. W. J. Long believes that it is one of England‘s most original contributions to the world. He adds further that this form of literature or the idea of the modern novel seems to have been worked out largely on England. However, other genres of literature such as epic, romance and drama are sown in the oriental world. Of course, these genres are properly shaped and molded in the western countries, specifically in the soil of England.


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