Victimization in the Select Novels of Margaret Atwood


  • R. Yoga Research Scholar (1624/2017) PG Department and Research Center in English Alagappa Govt Arts College, Karaikudi Sivaganga District


In today’s world, women are forced to occupy a secondary place in a maledominated,
consumer society. The woman is considered as the ‘Other’, and ‘Second Sex.’ She is used as a
commodity for the carnal gratification of male desire. Feminists all over the world are striving to
rectify the cultural setbacks, to efface the gender biased power politics so that women get equal
rights in society. Besides, women writers, by voicing their opinion and defining their world, have
been attempting to create new dimensions of space and new vistas of life for women.
Margaret Atwood is one of the most talented, powerful and intelligent writers in the west
today. She articulates the dilemmas, contradictions and ambiguities of the late twentieth century
with all its complexities and extremities. Casting her vision of life in myriad forms her techniques
and themes know no limit.


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