Dance, Literature and Language: The Entangle & The Swerve


  • Dr.Sumanjari .S Asst.Professor, Dept.of English Christ (Deemed to be University), Bengaluru India


This paper explores the relationship between dance, literature and language. It aims to investigate the ways in which dance and literature blend in order to form meanings in communication. A survey of literature is made in order to record evidences to ascertain the relationship between the two. The paper also examines how dance acts as an effective pedagogical tool to teach English language. The manner in which language can be taught using dance for kinesthetic learners is explored in various ways. Therefore, the blend and associations between language and dance is also analysed in this study. The paper is an inquiry into the relationship between works of literature and its adaptation to choreography which disclose that the expressions through dance, language and literature entangle and swerve, that they converge and diverge. It attempts to study the interweaving patterns of expressions in choreography, literary works and language.


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