Spirituality and Industrialisation in Shaping of Human Relationships in the Novels of DH Lawrence


  • Hemraj . Jr. Hindi Translator, Ministry of Panchayati Raj India


Spirituality, Industrialisation, Human Relationships


DH Lawrence was living in an era which was transforming through the rapid industrialisation. His own life was influenced significantly by scientific inventions in general and by industrialisation in particular: these two factors shaped the lives of the people to a great extent and changed their approach to life. Their attitudes were changing and there were ripples in their mindset, which chiefly affected theirs spirituality and social structure. Lawrence was against the machine-centered civilization of his times.

This very phenomenon is evidently reflected in his major novels. While dealing with human relationships, he has made an attempt to show how the society of that period in which he lived was lifeless and Industrialisation was producing mechanical men & women without emotions and feelings. Through his works, Lawrence tried to draw the attention that this was proving a barrier for living relationships between men and women and suggested that one should follow instincts for better human relationships.

This remains the fact that he is a widely read novelist and there is no doubt that he was a visionary and much ahead of his times in exploring the role of spirituality and industrialisation. Each novel enriches us mentally and emotionally while making it clear that both spirituality and industrialisation play a crucial role in our lives and both can coexist.


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