Social Media: Panopticon of Power, Entrapment, and Alienation


  • *Priyanka Redhu Singh, Assistant Professor,SoHS, K.R.Mangalam University, Gurgaon
  • Rekha , Research Scholar(Department of Geography), Banasthali Vidyapeth, Rajasthan


Online Power, Panopticon,Social Media, Social Zombie


Since the dawn of civilization expression through speech, letter or various forms of literature has been human bliss. Civilizations wouldn’t have structured but for communication. However,Social media is blurring lines and turning us all into social zombies. Privacy no longer exists in this current digital era. The moment information is online the cat is out of the bag. . This submission to online corporate power is disconcerting. Prevention is better than cure and here containment is the new prevention. A constant permanent supervision is must to ensure that data is not leaking away. The sense of togetherness is lost and life is hollow, empty and the virtual world is not able to fill this emptiness and shallowness. One has to draw a line between reel life and real life which is necessary to maintain and foster creativity, expressiveness and social unity.


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