A Critical Analysis on Literary Works: Kamala Markandaya


  • G. Pavani Associate Professor Department of Humanities & Sciences Vaageswari College of Engineering Karimnagar, India


Womanhood, Women’s liberation, Syncretism, Feministic issues, Rustic India.


 The works of Kamala Markandaya include the current customary and profound estimations of Indian social orders. Her works have uncovered the inherent troubles of womanhood and women's liberation in a particular and exceptional style. She additionally depicted through her written work that very presence of women is convoluted and the condition is same all over the place. In the majority of her books, Markandaya endeavored to extend the free disapproved of women and their conventional limits. She had a place with the progressive gathering of Indian women creators who made their stamp in the scholarly field through their picked topic as well as through their cleaned introduction style. Kamala Markandaya utilized a syncretism vision for showing her perspectives with respect to the different parts of women's liberation. She kept up ease and an extraordinary cleaned scholarly style of composing. Other than feministic issues, her books likewise delineated the genuine society and the sufferings of the general population of rustic India.



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