Feministic Identity in the Gulf of Traditional and Modern Aspects

  • Dr Priya Adwani Deprtment of English Assistant Professor SDJ International College Vesu, Surat (Gujarat) India
  • Dr Sanjay Shrivastava Associate Professor (Business Communication), Technology Management Department, SVKM's NMIMS MPSTME Shirpur Campus (Maharashtra).


The present paper fixates on sensibility exploration of women characters in the novel of Bharati Mukherjee, Desirable Daughters. Feminine sensibility required women to show sundry qualities in their demeanor such as modesty, piety and compliant, which highlight the moral standard for women. This is a story of such a woman character that is flipped between two different cultural rooms to outlive. The novel withal fixates on the posture of three sisters and their techniques of handling with circumstances. Protagonist Tara  feels that her life after espousement is not going smoothly and she decides to ambulate out of her marital life. Tara is very much distress with her cultural displacement and fragmentation. In spite of her consent to accept and adopt incipient culture, she is unable to manage with the traditional mould of an Indian woman. Tara is a woman migrant who belongs to cosmopolitan world having wealth, encephalon and resplendency an accoladed life as the wife of a Silicon Valley entrepreneur. She belongs to more than one nation or culture. She has the experience to live among the people of different countries/cultures. Bharati Mukherjee’s imagination of feminine sensibility lies in that edifying synthesis of promise and zealousness, quandary and predilection, positivity and promiscuity. Bharati Mukherjee has been prosperous in highlighting the rudiments of feminine sensibility through her battered literary exploration of female characters. Thus, in Desirable Daughters, Mukherjee demonstrates the efforts to probe identity of three sisters who face both modern as well as traditional worlds and their transmuting values.


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