Trauma and The Ecofeminist Path of Healing in Arundhati Roy’s The Ministry of Utmost Happiness


  • Swati Choudhary M.Phil. Scholar Department of English, Jaipur National University Jaipur, India


Trauma, gender, patriarchy, environment, ecology, modernization, ecofeminism, animal rights, psychological, discrimination.


What clicks to our mind when we think of trauma? There are so many definitions to explain trauma, it is generally observed as “a wound caused upon the mindâ€. What principle do we use to determine an event as “traumatic?†An event is traumatic when the roots and degree of sufferings and misery is unsurpassable and there is no way to comprehend this experience into one’s own understanding of the world. Literature has stimulated the lifestyle and the psychology of the human beings.Fiction by Indian women writers holds an outstanding place in Indian English Literature.Arundhati Roy is a highly acclaimed writer, activist and an ecofeminist. Her novel The Ministry of Utmost Happiness contains several complex layers of narratives. While the novel vividly describes the tragic outcome of transgender people and the plight of women in particular, it also represents the complexities of the relationship of nature and women undergoing trauma.

The author describes the ecological trauma by unfolding the demise of old birds and animals being the victims of unethical modernization and scientific discoveries. In the novel, the subversion of modernization and patriarchy is achieved through the portrayal of the trauma they effect in the environment, and in individuals due to sudden and sometimes violent changes in the society.By using ecofeminist lens, this paper aims to highlight the traumatized women and ecological beings and how ecofeminism manifests as a literary theory to heal the individuals. It inculcates an ecological consciousness amongst people which helps them to live in harmony with nature and overcome their trauma in diverse ways.This paper aims to scrutinize women’s experiences of sexual violence and degradation of ecological beings and outlining the crucial elements intricated in their journey in vicinity of recovery through the novel.


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