Socio-religious Discrepancy in the Society with reference to Bama’s ‘Karukku’


  • Dr. Gautam Ambhore Assist. Professor Shri Shivaji Sci. and Arts College, Chikhli, Dist. Buldana Sant Gadge Baba Amravati Uni. Amravati (M. S.) India


Bama is very sensitive since her childhood. Her minute note taking nature could not allow her to sit silent without reacting at the barbarity in the society. This is one of the reasons that she prepared herself to be a nun in the convent school. She used to get disturbed at the time of prayer of the nuns in the morning. For the essence of their prayer is to treat all the people and children as children of God. As soon as they finish the prayer, they forget it at the very next moment. They never treat kindly, especially poor children. On the other hand they entertain rich students and their parents. In actuality they say in their prayer that the service to poverty ridden people is service to God. But the reality is far different. The writer says during her college days the love and devotion that had towards God diminished piecemeal. There was turmoil in her mind.The nuns used to behave very differently towards the destitute children who were in boarding school. They asked to do every menial task from them. Their attitude was as if they were queens there. A few of them had a little bit human perspective, so they had difficult time. Overall view of the nuns at the dalit children was to make them demoralized. Now and then they were pointing at them by saying there would not be any drastic change in their lives and making them very negative.


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