“Feminine Ecriture: An Escape from Phallocentrism in Pygmalion’s Bride by Carol Ann Duffy”


  • Priyanka S Jani Ph.D. Scholar Department of English, Sardar Patel University, Vallabh Vidyanagar, Anand, Gujarat, India.


The researcher looks forward to explore the ironic social construction-deconstruction-reconstruction of traditional gender roles by problematizing predominant mode of male writing that is mainly created and judged by a male-chauvinist perspective. It tries to show how author problematises not only socially-culturally constructed additional categorization of male-female writing but also interrogates the very ideas of writing where female have always been portrayed as passive viewer and an absent individual in the canon of English writing by referring to Carol Ann Duffy who paid linguistic tribute to those lost identities of wives of famous males in her first themed collection named “The World’s Wives†by enduring to the female mode of writing that is known as Feminine Ecriture, a woman writing the rhymes and rhythm of her own body and by doing so she actively creates her own individual  identity by rejecting the male constructed social identity. In the present poem “Pygmalion’s Bride†the bride was always been presented as a sex object by her male and other historical writings but Duffy gives a voice to the unsung pangs of the bride who otherwise was made silent and absent. (Key words: Feminine Ecriture, Phallocentrism, female identity)


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