Gender, Genre and Caste in Indian Women’s Writings


  • Dr.M.Angkayarkan Vinayakaselvi Assistant Professor of English Bharathidasan University Tiruchirappalli – 620 024


This paper is attempt analyze to the role of literary genres in Indian Women’s Writings. As the writings of women form a purposeful aesthetics it is mandatory to decide on the choice of the genres. The emergence of the new genres becomes a trajectory point for making their writings a political activism. Due to the multicultural nature of India, it becomes a challenge to give a single identity to all Indian women. As they are divided based on caste, class, state, region and religion, their strategy for empowerment also differ. In Indian context, the narrated autobiographical forms serves as a medium to share their life sories for Dalit Women. Hence this paper highlights the role narrated autobiography within Dalit women’s writings and also analyses the ways in which orality overrides literacy.


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