Equations Beneath the Skin: Electronic media and the Politics of Representation of Caste, Class and Gender in the Indian Context.


  • Dr. Jaison P. Jacob Assistant professor Postgraduate and Research Department of English Devamatha College Kuravilangad Kerala India


Television, internet, social media and cinema are the different forms of the media that have marked a difference from what print media had done in the past.  In a democratic country, the media has a very active role to play.  It is supposed to tell the people truth and represent different sections of the society adequately. It is supposed to act as the voice of the people.  In a country like India with a plural culture, the question of representation assumes a highly significant role.  There is a multitude of languages, faiths, ways of life, rites, rituals and ethnic identities which contribute to the plurality of its culture. Is this plurality adequately represented in the Indian media? Does every aspect of this plural spirit get reflected in the various programmes featured in it?    The paper is an attempt to address these questions seriously.


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