Issues of Marginalized Women in Mahasweta Devi’s Mother of 1084


  • V. Balamurugan Ph.D Research Scholar Department of English Annamalai University India
  • Dr.R. Sankari Assistant Professor Department of English [FEAT] Annamalai University India


This paper examines the agonies and sufferings of the Indian women in Mahasweta Devi’s Mother of 1084. She discusses the various facets of typical marginalized women’s birth, childhood, adulthood, marriage, and life patterns. Devi, in her novels discerns caste based slavery and oppression in India that is repressed on the cursed population by the institutions, quite detrimental to women. She addresses the subordinate positions of the women which are of realistic life experiences than artistically designed. Devi uncovers the pain and sufferings of women who are used as objects and as elemental to men for pleasure, and needs of the family. The male-dominated society into which they find their existence, impose unlimited controls. She treats of child marriages and the tortures of mothers-in-law. She portrays the women as victims of male-domination, their pain and sufferings as a woman, exploited by men under false pretences of love, first acquaintance to drugs and illicit affairs, and the hardships of bare economic survival.


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