The extent of Cyberbullying and Cyber Aggression’sSpread among Mehri People


  • Anwar Kalshat Ph.D. Research Scholar, BAMU Aurangabad, India
  • Vivek Mirgane I/C Principle Shri Bankatswami College, Beed-431122. India


Cyberbullying and cyber aggression has received a considerable amount of attention within the academic and public literature. However, very little cyber aggression research has been conducted among Yemeni communities. According to my knowledge, this is the first study on this area among Mehri people. The current study gives a picture of cyberbullying and cyber aggression’sprevalence among Mehri people from different backgrounds. The sample of this study consists of 120 participants. Their ages range from 15 to 50 from different areas. The study’s tool is an online survey which has been distributed through Facebook and WhatsApp to more than 1000 persons. The study reveals that Mahrah peoplehave not significantly affected by the cyberbullying and cyber aggression, but there was a significant increase in both the number of victims, and the perpetrators among them.22.2% of the participants had an experience as victims of cyberbullying, whereas, only 14% of Mahrah had the experience of harming others on the social media. In my opinion, this low ration of cyber aggression among Mahrah (Mehri people) is due to their distance from politics and sectarian conflicts, which are the main reasons for the increasing of trolling, cyberbullying, flaming and hate speech over the social media in Yemen.


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