An Overview of a book entitled Materials and Methods in ELT by Jo McDonough and Christopher Shaw: A Comprehensive Book on English Language Teaching


  • Sandip J. Nikam Assistant Professor and Head, Dept. of English, Arts, Commerce and Science College, Nashik, India


This paper is an attempt to introduce a very comprehensive book on ELT. In fact, the field of ELT is very vast and most of the budding researchers in ELT and Teachers are always in search of new books. Sometimes they may get or may not. There are quite a few books that one needs to go through as a researcher or teacher of ELT. The book which ELT experts, teachers and linguists find interesting is Materials and Methods in ELT by Jo McDonough and Christopher Shaw. The book is all-inclusive one. It deals with almost of the aspects of ELT thoroughly and elaborates some classroom practices as well. The book examines and discusses various issues related to material design, methods of teaching, the teaching of language skills and classroom management. The book has been mainly divided into three parts: I) Topics in the Design of Materials and Methods II) Teaching Language Skills III) Aspects of Classroom Methods.


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