Unheard Voices: Experiencing Subaltern Reality in Arundhati Roy’s The God of Small Things


  • Dr. Raujline Siraj Farjina Akhtar Assistant Professor Department of English Sonapur College Kamrup (M), Assam India


The present paper deals with the issues of the treatment of the subaltern characters and their endless struggle to subvert the pain, sufferings inflicted on them by the society. Subaltern means overlooked, neglected, disregarded, and treated with unconcern and indifference. In our society both women and untouchables are categorized as the subaltern. They are termed as rather the second sex who faces exploitation and humiliation at the hands of powerful, more dominating people in the society. They are unable to raise their voices against the hegemony of a powerful society. In fact, their perceptions of their aspirations and expectations are within the framework of the powerful people so much conformed to the Indian social and moral commitment. The present paper tries to explore the maltreatment meted out to the subalterns in Arundhati Roys’ The God of Small Things. Ammu and Velutha are the tragic portrayals of subaltern reality in the novel. It is a remarkable novel which deals with the troubled history of females and the untouchables in a patriarchal society.  It acts as a text asserting the silent voice of subaltern. It depicts how Roy has challenged the age old taboos as well as the codes of conduct for the subalterns like Ammu and Velutha thereby signifying subalterns struggle in asserting their identity in a dominant, elitist group.


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