Michael Madhusudan Dutt : A bilingual poetic journey


  • Neha kumari MA(2016-2018) Banaras Hindu University India


The current literary scene of Indian English literature is more recognizable for its fiction than that of verse and drama. The early years of the growth of Indian English literature was immensely focused on poetry.  Chiefly Henry Vivian Derozio, Toru Dutt and Sarozini Naidu are considered to be the pathfinders for Indian English poetry. While looking back at the canon of history, the names like Kashi Prasad Ghose and Michael Madhusudan Dutt have not been appropriately placed. Though Michael Madhusudan Dutt is credited for infusing renaissance spirit to Bangla literature; his contribution to English literature has not been discussed much. He was a connecting link between Henry Derozio and Toru Dutt. This poet discusses about his journey of making of a poet. His personal letters show the dilemma all early Indian  poets writing in English would have faced. The journey from being Michael to Madhusudan  is interesting, unconventional  and rebellious. His experiences with English literature helped him to in changing the mould of Bengali literature. He was a man who was in love with western ideals but, got his honored position after exploring Indian myths.


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