When Justice Denies: An Althusserean Reading on E.Santhosh Kumar’s Island of Lost Shadows


  • Kabani R. M. Phil. Research Scholar - English Gandhigram Rural Institute Dindigul, Tamil Nadu India


Any topic concerning judiciary or judicial institution demands discussion on the concept of justice. The idea of justice is applied to individual actions, laws and public policies, and it has always been a part of immense interest to mankind. Justice is a dynamic and flexible concept, where its meaning changes from time to time and place to place. We fail to conceive and comprehend the term justice fully, because it encompasses diverse notions such as right, morality, welfare, fairness, equality and happiness.

Being set in the period of Emergency, E.Santhosh Kumar’s novel, Island of Lost Shadows clearly depicts how justice was delayed and ultimately, denied to citizens. Those who meant safeguard became perpetrators of violence. With reference to the selected text, this article would like throw light on the fact that judicial delinquency can turn to be dangerous to democracy and also if judiciary failed to minister justice, democracy could easily fall in to the line of autocracy. To explicate judiciary as a repressive force, Louis Althusser’s Ideology and Ideological State Apparatuses has been chosen for critical analysis.   


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