Strategies to develop language skills in French language learners


  • Dr. Alice Anugraham Associate Professor Dept. of French, The Maharaja Sayajirao Univ. of Baroda, Vadodara India


Can strategies vary with every language learnt? How do teaching and learning strategies equip the teacher and the student? This paper discusses the various methods that could be employed by the teachers to help learners learn a new language; however, it mainly deals with how learning a language depends on the motivation and the approach used by a student. This paper begins by defining what a language learning strategy is, followed by an investigation of why teaching/learning strategies are required. If all students can be successful learners; then in that case, what role do teaching/learning strategies play? This paper explores the link between teaching and learning strategies for successful learning of a language. Strategies for adult learning and child learning are different given the fact that Language Acquisition Device works in the case of a child learner but it does not seem to work in the case of adult learners. Moreover, this paper limits itself to adult learning since the French language programme is a part of University education.


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