The Plague of Consuetude: Repudiation of Social and Moral Ethics in Mahesh Dattani’s Tara


  • Waliul Alam Research Scholar Department of English Aligarh Muslim University Aligarh-202002 . India.


Modern Indian society is undergoing rapid and radical social change. Such sorts of changes shatter the social fabric by reaping the seed of variety of social problems. Social changes are badly infected by the rigid traditions, customs and the social structures that prevail in the society. To maintain the so called custom and perverted value, people are ready to paralyze the actual value of morality and ethics which bring a deadly impact to the life of all people in the society. Society suffers from the dilution, degradation, negation and loss of morality, ethics and humanity. Nowadays, people are engrossed with the immoral and asocial practices, and desperately undermine the social and moral value. As a consequence of negation of value and ethics, people of the modern era are living in a state of moral, spiritual and existential crisis.


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