The Evolution of Women inthe Patriarchal Social Fabricof Bengal during 20th Centuryand itsVividRepresentation in the Short Stories of Tagore.


  • Kumar Baibhav Assistant Professor B.M.College, Rahika, L.N.M.University. Darbhanga Madhubani, Bihar, India.


Tagore is an outstanding figure in the realm of Indian English literature. This myriad minded artist has written dozens of riveting short stories in which some are of greatest importance and have enjoyed huge success among the masses of readers. Though a master of all the genres like prose, poetry and short fictions much of Tagore's short stories attained popularity for their depiction of poignant human relationships in simple, uneventful situations. Set in the context of rural Bengali villages, and in the wider context of Indian culture, they ultimately establish Tagore's ideals to bring a new world order based on transnational values and ideas. Tagore’s female characters are vivid and very much lovely. The tragic condition of female mass in Bengali society, was best demonstrated in the feudal backwardness of society as revealing the inhuman exploitation. Tagore specifically pointed out the injustice and absurdity of outdated and cruel feudal customs. In his works, we find out the direct reflection of feudal obscurantism is reflected in the terrible condition of women in society, in the fate of women occupying a significant place in his works gearing for a change in the prevalent situation. Tagore strongly admired women, both those within and outside the academic field.  Tagore's stories present the representative of a minority, who are moulded as per social in general and patriarchal in particular. His women are capable to stand against the dominating forces but they are unable to understand their suppression realistically.  We find a gradual evolution of women in his short stories sympathetically, and strongly argue for their redemption from the age long cunning trap of society as well as men who dominate it, in the age of economic slavery to British rule. Thus, Tagore delineates the conservative beliefs of Indian cultural aspects and Indian society in the way which is equally sublime.


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