A Critical Survey of Virginia Woolf‘s Feminist Standpoint with reference of Mrs. Dalloway


  • Fatima Aleeba Research Scholar, Department of English, A. M. U. Aligarh India


This paper aims to focus on Virginia Woolf as one of the strong voice of the Feminist Movement. This paper covers her biographical details, her association with suffrage Movement and a detail study of her novel Mrs. Dalloway. The principle aim of this paper is to unveil Virginia’s life, her time and her society into which she lived. It covers her general background her role as the promoter of feminist movement and a detailed description of her novel Mrs. Dalloway. The analysis of her works deals with her feminist stance. The paper had maintained the methodical order. The analysis opens with a thesis statement which followed by a particular aspect of Virginia’s Feminist Vision which is identified with her novel. This correspondence between her works and her feminist ideologies help the readers to understand Virginia as the feminist figure. In order to illustrate the point the large numbers of pessages have been quoted from the primary and secondary sources.


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