Indian Linguist Diaspora-Bless or Curse


  • Miss Preethika S Avinashilingam Institute for Home Science and Higher Education for Women Coimbatore, India


Indian linguistic diasporas are those citizens of India who undergo all the traits of a migrant but within the nation.

India is the nation of multi linguistic people, here one particular language undergoes variation in its dialect resulting in local linguistics, where people have their roots thicken to their soul native. Unlike any other nation in India, with in a very limited geographical distance languages vary resulting in an eternal realm of language.

India doesn’t have any restriction in the movement like that of the Arabian nation, in India movement of people can be considered as one of the fundamental rights of being an Indian. These rights of the Indian have proven to empower the linguistic exquisite of the citizens.

Taking in account any of the English writings by Indians, the localization of the English is done which in other term can be referred as Indianisation or Indianism. People as a living being are expected to know three types of communicative languages, one –for the kitchen to speak with the close ones, another for the socially being localized and yet another for the business purpose to globally be alive.  India English has attained this stage which is a bliss for uniting the diversified society as well as a curse for the Indian languages which are in abundance in number but are shattered. In most nation ,all three of these languages are more or less the same one with different body language and articulation, where as in India except for the static natives(which are calculated to a micro proposition), the language  with culture varies in a larger scale.


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