Are south Asian fairytale really fairy-tale?

  • Miss Preethika S Avinashilingam Institute for Home Science and Higher Education for Women Coimbatore, India


The fairytale the kids read in the present generations are mostly not indigenous. Guess what, they are also the imported stories from the west. If one sees, the fairytale of the south Asia are different and are the controversial ones where there are no fairies at all. For the people of south Asia the fairy does not appears in a fairy way neither does it has a fairy dust or wands but in different forms in different outfit . The magical stories of these ancient culture as the fairytale emphasis are the same, the themes of faith, believe and moral values, but in short ,are commonly  called as the Folklores or the famous myth, which are passed down  by the grandparents to their younger ones. Unlike the traditional fairytales what these tales are special for are its theme divinity included with spiritualism above love, which takes the central theme of the patriarch ones. . There is a unique nature built to these stories which are neglected and are commonly regarded under myths and folklores, hence this paper is a study on the uniqueness of the south Asian fairytales or the wonder stories and its relevance with the culture, tradition and religion of the people of the south Asia.


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