Problematizing Authenticity: David Canaan’s Self-articulation


  • Dr. Shobha M Assistant Professor, Bangalore University India


W.J.T. Mitchell, in her essay, “Representations,†observes that “If literature is a ‘representation of life,’ then representation is exactly the place where ‘life,’ in all its social and subjective complexity, gets into the literary work†(Mitchell 15). Further, she notices that through representation we make our will known. However, how authentically do we make our will and identity known in the process of representation? When does our representation become meaningful and authentic? These are the important issues which are raised in Ernest Buckler’s The Mountain and the Valley. What Buckler achieves in his novel is not achieved by his artist-hero, David Canaan. Whereas Buckler’s representation is proved authentic in its exploration of the social and subjective complexity of life,’ David’s writings fail to do so. Readers continuously ponder over David’s failure to become a writer. The present paper, therefore, probes the way David responds to life and the unresolved problems of representation he faces in his abortive writings. The paper claims that the problems of representation in David’s writing are closely related to his understanding of the ‘self.’ The dilemma is primarily his inability to decipher the relationship of the ‘self’ with the world.


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