Sculptures and wall Paintings of the Temples of the Folk Deities in Cheriyal


  • Dr. Kulkarni, Vikram V. Department of Drawing and Painting S.N.D.T. Women’s University, Karve Road Pune-411038 India


Andhra Pradesh and Telangana abound in folk arts of various kinds. Arts such as Tol-Mombal (Shadow Puppetry), Kaki-Fadga (Scroll Painting), Katamraju Tales (Wooden idols) and Burra Tales among them are performing arts. The idols and scrolls that are used in the presentation are made by the traditional artists. These artists are also engaged in painting the walls and idols in the small temples dedicated to local gods and entities. These idols that used to be formerly made in wood are now made in cement or rock stone. Telangana has a pronounced majority of female deities. The worship of this region is characterized by presenting the deity with its specific physical attributes. The wall paintings throw light on social customs, rituals and religious beliefs. Some paintings also display communal feelings. They bring to light the various levels of folk religion in the Dravidian region. The present research paper is an attempt to review the changes in the form of this traditional art.


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