Popularity of Historical Novels with Reference to All the Light We Cannot See


  • Anjaly chacko Post Graduate Student Stella Maris College Chennai Kottayam, Kerala


Historical fiction is a popular genre in the literature world. Historical fiction takes the reader to a specific period in history. It focuses on specific events in the period and presents some actual events through the voice of some characters. All the Light We cannot see is a two plot novel written by the American author Antony Doerr, published by Scribner on May 6, 2014. The novel explores issues of love, loss, family, war and self-discovery in a delicate manner. The vast majority of the novel takes place during World War II. The novel covers many of the major European events of the era, such as the Holocaust, the Russian sieges, the invasion of Paris, the Allied invasion of France, etc. Thus, the setting, plot, characters, dialogue and theme are closely related to the historical events. This study examines the features of historical fiction in the novel and analyses the importance of historical novels.


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