Training and Its Effectiveness: A Case Study of the Emotional Awareness of Employees During Training


  • Shivalika , Student MBA : Periyar Management and Computer College
  • Diksha Sahni Periyar Management and Computer College
  • Rasheeqa Tabassum Periyar Management and Computer College


Training programs are very important factor for the organization as well as employees who are working in that organization because employees of a organization perform their duty to complete their task and contribute to achieve organization’s goal and earning profit but there are many reason due to which the performance of employees degrade day by day after a specifytime period even after regular training programs this problemarise due to lack of self awareness about themselves. Training programs are effective only when these programs include awareness about themselves, emotional need, involvement of employees in decision making etc. A training is effective only if it help an employee to flourish their skill, knowledge ,behavior and attitude it may be shown through their performance in the organization. training of an employee now cover a large number of area in effectiveness of training the organization not only work over employees performance but also their behavior attitude .This research paper consist of several area of behavior attitude and skill development of an employee and their relation with the development of organization after improving their emotional intelligence



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