Demystifying Menstrual Taboo: To Dream without Borders


  • Anjitha C. Ajith M.Phil Scholar PSGR Krishnammal College for Women Coimbatore


Gender roles, equality, rights, justice, women empowerment are some notions often discussed and bragged continuously in our present scenario. But the gender roles are mostly pre-determined and a woman is trained to fit into those roles. The roles like ‘mother’ or ‘daughter’ are not natural but social because a woman is trained in such a way that she think, talk and behave according to her cultural upbringing. Today women may have attained and accomplished many goals but there is something that a woman from all ages still struggle to get out. Sometimes in the name of religion and for a while in the name of tradition, a woman has to abide many rules during her menstrual cycle. This is the time where a woman has to face many prohibitions firstly in her own home, then in religious places and sometimes it is a time where she is considered as an untouchable. This paper is an analysis using few collected informations and videos based on menstrual taboos. This study is done to create a small awareness on the psychological mood swings during menstruation and the pain she has to endure physically as well as mentally due to the attitude of society towards this monthly occasion.


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