Significance of English Grammar for ESL Learners


  • Punam V. Barabde Assistant Professor Shri Shivaji Science College Amravati


A knowledge of grammar is very essential for the students who learn English as their second language, learning the second language means acquiring a system of rules, even less is known about how such rule systems are acquired students find themselves unable to express in English. It is found that many a student who enter a first year of degree classes had already perceived the study of English language for 12 years still they are poor in comprehension and expression. The fact clearly denotes that those many years could not work out proper English adoption for them.In degree colleges very limited time is available for the study of English grammar. English is taught for four periods a week at graduation level. This short period of exposure to English enables our students to have a certain degree of familiarity with sentence patterns, words and phrases in the language which, with some more continuous contact with the language strengthens his ability to write it though not to speak it. Research has shown that by the time students join the university they hardly know 1500 words, and they are not able to use English effectively in day to day communication.                         


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