A Strong Self- Assertion and An Unflinching Quest for Identity in Lavanya Sankaran’s The Red Carpet: A Critical Study.


  • Bathula Srihari Rao Research Scholar Faculty in English, Sri Viswasanthi Educational Institutions, Vuyyuru, Near Vijayawada, India,
  • Prof. S. Prasanna Sree Dept of English Andhra University, India.


Indian women writers have been exploring feminine subjectivity and dealing with themes that range from childhood to complete womanhood. The women wings started to fight against the atrocities done to them. The modern women groups have started only to fight for the reason of quest for their identity as equal members of the men dominated society. Women’s writing in India has seen a galaxy of women writers with much more quality and depth in projecting a vision of their own.  Lavanya Sankaran has joined the galaxy of these women writers as a voice for the voiceless. Her works The Hope Factory (2013) and The Red Carpet (2005) have got several awards and were world-wide acclaimed. Her writing style is compared to that of Charles Dickens by the British Press. This research paper critically studies The Red Carpet, with clear references from various identified works and quotes. Lavanya Sankaran seeks to establish equal opportunities for women on par with men economically, personally and socially.


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