A Glimpse of Mother-Daughter Relationship In The Select Novels Of Amy Tan


  • Mitali Parihar Ph.D. Research Scholar Devi Ahliya Vishwavidyalaya, Indore


mother-daughter relationship, Chinese immigrant mothers, American born daughters, complexities, generational and cultural conflicts.


A mother plays a significant role in a daughter’s life. She is an inspiration and a pillar of strength for a daughter. A daughter too is adored by her mother. She is the pride and joy for her mother. Their affinity is unshakable and perennial. Amy Tan exhibits certain nuances of mother-daughter relationship in her novels. The paper provides a brief overview of the complexities betwixt the Chinese immigrant mothers and their American born daughters. The study sheds light on the disputes that arise due to the generational and cultural differences and the impact of those clashes on their relationship. Additionally, the present work marks the beauty of the mother-daughter bond, that in spite of the challenges, it stays intact and eternal. As, Amy Tan was closely attached to her mother, the paper also brings forth, the influence of her mother in Tan’s fiction.


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