Viability of Corpora in Language Learning And Teaching


  • Amita Rawlley Thaman Assist Prof, Dept of English SCD Govt College Civil Lines, Ludhiana, Punjab


Corpus, types of corpora, use in research, classroom pedagogy, reference publishing, syllabus design, materials developer, tools for teaching, testing


The paper aims at capturing the importance and viability of corpora in language teaching. These large databases provide real-time exposure to the learners and researchers. In the contemporary era of knowledge deluge, corpora form an important means of quick and accurate information gain and immensely aid in teaching, learning and research work. They extend valuable insights to the teachers and help them in imparting effective teaching in their classrooms. In other words, corpora have ushered in a major revolution in as much as real-time and authentic knowledge gain is concerned. Large volumes of theoretical knowledge along with practical illustrations can be tapped from the corpora. Corpora analyse and lay bare the dynamics of a language. All nuances of language variation viz. dialect, accent, register and style are now freely available for access. Authentic study materials can be developed with the help of these. Corpora are the sweet gift of the modern world of digitisation and information boom. We are in fact already reaping benefits from them without knowing.


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